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22 Different Types of Buttons – With Button Names

Different Types of Buttons

Do you know your black blazer can be transformed into a versatile piece of clothing just by a tiny addition? Yes, you guessed it right! The game-changer are “Buttons”. The same blazer can be notched up to formal attire with metal buttons portraying striking artistry against black, or this formalness can be toned down using casual vintage-style buttons. 

If you find this aspect of clothing interesting and want to know more about the teeny tiny world of buttons, let our crafted read guide you. Here, we will introduce you to different types of buttons, from jean metal buttons to wood ones, sharing with you the wonders of aesthetics and functionality they bring to every article. 

What Are Buttons – Their Functionality and Designs

Buttons possess a versatile character in the domain of clothing. Sewing is an art that this little addition enhances and makes highly functional. From fastening to leveling up the look, you can easily make every garment functional and style statement with buttons. 

With such multifaceted usage of buttons, it requires an abundance in its types, design, and material, and the world of buttons fulfills that well. Comprehensively speaking, traditional tailoring provides us with two main types: sewing and clothing. 

Sewing Buttons

Typically refer to buttons used for functionality. They are used in the clothing to fasten. These buttons are attached to clothing items like shirts, blouses, coats, and pants to keep them closed.

Clothing Buttons

On the other hand, clothing buttons are chosen and used with a primary focus on their aesthetic and decorative value. These buttons are selected to enhance an attire’s overall design and style.

So what is the difference between these two kinds of buttons, and what sub-categories do they both encompass? come with us and explore. 

Top 12 Types of Sewing Buttons

Sewing buttons are often made from materials like plastic, metal, or wood. Their design is generally straightforward, with holes or shanks for attaching them to the fabric.

There are different types of buttons present in this category.  Let’s check in detail:

Flat Buttons

Flat buttons are one of the most common types of sewing buttons. They come in various sizes and typically have either two or four holes for sewing onto garments. These buttons are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of clothing, including shirts, blouses, coats, and trousers. 

Their flat, unembellished shape makes them easy to attach securely to fabric. Flat buttons are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, making them practical for both functional and decorative purposes. Further, they are highly durable and can withstand daily wear and tear easily.

Shank Buttons

Shank buttons are practical types of clothes buttons commonly used in various clothing items. What makes them unique from others is the presence of a small loop or shank on the back, as opposed to having holes like flat buttons. This shank allows a bit of space between the button and the fabric when it’s attached. This feature makes shank buttons a good choice for heavier fabrics or when a slightly raised appearance is desired. 

For instance, you often find shank buttons on suits, blazers, and other formal or high-end garments, as they provide an elegant and neatly finished look. The shank also allows room for a bit of movement, making it easier to fasten and unfasten. 

Toggle Buttons

Toggle buttons are unique and functional buttons commonly used in clothing, particularly outerwear like coats and jackets. Their functional design features a button with a bar or loop on one side that passes through a hole on the other side. This mechanism allows for a secure and straightforward way to close the garment, making them ideal for keeping warm during cold weather. They are known for their ease of use and reliability, offering a firm grip on the garment. 

Sew-On Snaps

Sew-on snaps are commonly used in sewing and crafting projects. They come in pairs, typically consisting of two components – one with small interlocking balls and the other with small cups. To attach sew-on snaps, you simply sew one component to one side of the fabric and the corresponding component to the opposite side.

They are ideal for lightweight and delicate fabrics, such as blouses and baby clothes, where a discreet and unobtrusive closure is desired. Sew-on snaps are types of buttons on shirts that hold the fabric together without the need for buttonholes, offering a seamless and finished look. 

Covered Buttons

Covered buttons serve as both functional and styling buttons. They consist of a button with a fabric covering, typically made from the same material as the garment. This allows for a seamless and custom look, as the fabric on the button matches the fabric of the clothing. Covered buttons are often used in formal wear and bridal gowns.

Self-Covered Buttons

Self-covered buttons are similar to covered buttons but come with a kit for you to cover them with your own fabric. This allows for creative customization, ensuring the buttons perfectly match the fabric’s material and style.

Jeans Buttons

Jeans buttons are designed for sturdiness and durability. They are commonly found in denim garments, including jeans and denim jackets. These are types of buttons on shirts and jeans that are recognized for their excellent ability to bear the wear and tear of frequent use.

Horn Buttons

Horn buttons provide a touch of sophistication to clothes. Made from animal horns, they have a distinctive and natural appearance, making them suitable for high-end clothing, such as blazers and luxury coats.

Wooden Buttons

Wooden buttons offer a natural and earthy appeal. Crafted from various types of wood, they are often used on casual clothing items like shirts and cardigans. Wooden buttons can add a touch of nature to your attire.

Leather Buttons 

Among button names, leather buttons are a durable and practical choice for clothing, particularly for rugged or heavy-duty attires. Crafted from genuine leather, they provide a sturdy and functional closure. Leather buttons are commonly found on items like leather jackets, coats, and jeans, where the emphasis is on durability and functionality rather than ornamentation. They are made in various shapes and sizes. 

Fabric-Covered Shank Buttons

These buttons combine the features of shank buttons with a fabric covering, making them an adaptable choice for various styles. The shank provides space between the button and the fabric, while the fabric covering allows for customization.

Metal Buttons

Metal buttons come in various metals, such as brass, copper, and silver. These types of buttons are known for their durability and can add a metallic touch to clothing, especially in blazers and other styles where a bold and edgy look is desired.

In addition to their durability, metal buttons can also add a touch of rocky style to jackets, jeans, and other casual attire. 

Top 9 Types of Clothing Buttons

Unlike sewing buttons, Clothing buttons can be more varied and decorative, featuring unique shapes, colors, and materials like ceramic, resin, plastic, glass, and so on. They serve as focal points in fashion design. Let’s explore each:

Rhinestone Buttons

Rhinestone buttons are sparkling buttons. They offer excellent appeal and sophistication to your clothes. These buttons are adorned with tiny, sparkling rhinestones that catch and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. 

Often used in formal wear and special occasions, such as evening gowns, bridal dresses, and accessories like handbags, rhinestone buttons are often associated with the element of luxury and lavishness. 

Pearl Buttons

Pearl buttons are a classic and charming choice in button names. They are made from mother-of-pearl, adding exceptional finesse and polish to delicate clothing. They are commonly used on dress shirts, blouses, and wedding dresses to achieve a sophisticated and graceful look. Whether used as functional fasteners or purely for decorative purposes, pearl buttons never go out of style.

Vintage Buttons

Vintage buttons carry a sense of nostalgia and history. These buttons often feature complex designs, and they are sought after for their novel styles. Whether they are made from metal, bone, or other materials, vintage buttons provide retro elements to your attires and accessories. 

Sewing enthusiasts and fashion designers frequently incorporate vintage buttons into their projects to create a distinctive and timeless look.

Novelty Buttons 

Novelty buttons come in a wide range of fun and imaginative shapes and designs, making them playful and creative buttons for clothing and crafts. These buttons can be found in various themes, such as animals, flowers, or cartoon characters, making them perfect for adding ingenuity and customization to every project.

You can also order custom buttons to align the overall design with your creative imagination.

Glass Buttons

Glass buttons are known for their delicate beauty and refined craftsmanship. They are usually handcrafted using glass and feature varied designs and a plethora of colors. These buttons are employed to add an elegant and luxurious look. They are commonly used in high-end garments, such as designer clothing and couture fashion, to achieve a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Bakelite Buttons

Bakelite buttons are a piece of fashion history, as they were popular in the early 20th century. These classic buttons are made from bakelite, an early plastic material, and are recognized for their durability and distinctive colors. 

These kinds of buttons are less commonly used in modern clothing but are still prized by collectors and can still be found in vintage-style clothing.

Ceramic Buttons

Ceramic buttons are a bit unique in the range of clothing buttons. They are manufactured from ceramic materials and are often hand-painted. They provide a different, attractive, and artistic touch to clothing and accessories.

These buttons allow freedom of creativity in colors and designs given the hand-crafted manufacturing. Due to their nature-inspired creation and expressive styles, they align well with boho clothing and accessories. 

Coconut Buttons 

Coconut buttons are useful and eco-friendly types of clothes buttons made from the shells of coconuts. Their simple design and natural appearance make them popular for use in casual clothing and accessories. 

These buttons provide a natural and earthy texture, giving clothes a relaxed and tropical feel. Their durability and resistance to moisture also make them ideal for beachwear, swimwear, and outdoor clothing. While not as stylish as some other button types, coconut buttons offer a practical, environmentally friendly option for those seeking a more sustainable choice in their clothing and crafts.

Resin Buttons

Resin buttons are multi-purpose and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made from a type of synthetic material known as resin, which is both durable and cost-effective. These fasteners are often used for practical purposes, but their durable and shiny surface also makes them a popular choice for clothing. 

If simplicity and resilience are what you want in your clothing, resin buttons are a great choice. 

Final Statement

To conclude, buttons play a crucial role in clothing, sewing, and crafting, serving both functional and decorative purposes. In this read, we have explored 22 types of buttons, providing a comprehensive account of the functionality and aesthetic elements of each. From the captivating power of pearl buttons to the creative aspects of novelty buttons, we have delved into the craftsmanship of every fastener.

Whether you’re aiming for a timeless, classic look or a touch of creativity, there’s a button type to suit every style need. So choose your button style, thread the artistry, and let the fashion meet the functionality in your fabric canvas.  

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